Having grown up in a family of chef, Sandrine developed early a real taste for cooking that has changed in passion over time.

At 8, she won her first pocket money making creams and cakes, selling them to her neighbours two French Francs each piece of cake. And she was very proud of herself!
Her mother, chef, transmits her knowledge through her advices and making Sandrine studying their own courses and examinations treasuring for years!

Sandrine went to high school like every teenager and get her “Baccalaureat” in literary. After that, she had her first work experiences in the field of restoration.

She started her own experience and knowledge in various institutions of all kinds (traditional restaurants, Lebanese, Italian restaurant or hotel renowned gastronomic).

Then, back to her first love, cooking, she realized meals for friends and family for all sorts of events and on their advices, decided to start her own business, serving personal customers.

She performes these services, usually in summer, and throughout the year for long and short periods (from an evening, an event to several weeks) in houses, private villas, mountain chalets or yachts .
She also teaches cooking and child nutrition for the « CAP Petite Enfance » throughout the school year.

Specializing in French and Italian cook, she revisits greedily and with originality and takes you far away on an evening with her Orientals dishes such as, Lebanese or Japanese.

Sandrine realizes the menus according to your tastes, theme's menus with a wide choice of dishes which evolves as the seasons and the occasions.


Attaching importance to natural cooking, everything is made over the moment and under your eyes with fresh and good quality products, bought the day of the meal by Sandrine herself.


Her suppliers are carefully selected, privileging seasonal produce, small and local producers and organic ingredients as much as she can.

Sandrine's menus reflects what is seasonally at its prime. This results in freshers and tastiers « assiettes » for you with respect for the environment all round.


You know the origin of every recipe and see its preparation.

Depending on your needs, Sandrine makes you vegetarian menus comprised solely of products from organic farming, menus adapted to special diets and menus for children.

Tous à table!!!

(Sandrine speaks french, english and italian).